Keller Media OÜ was founded in 2014 when Marcus Keller wanted to create a marketing outlet where clients can bring their ideas to life through a personalized marketing experience.

He felt that there was too much “junk marketing” out there, thus, he created a digital marketing agency that strives to eliminate this and provide better online marketing solutions for both service providers and their end-users.

When we started the company in our shabby one-bedroom apartment, we were the new kids on the block who just had a vision and desire to do things better than others. With our dedication and hard work, we’ve become known for our quality, quick delivery, great communication skills and insightful feedback that not only delivers results but also helps to make the end product a true masterpiece.

All this became possible because Marcus saw potential in Viktoria who, at that time, worked in a retail company, but wanted to do more in life. With Viktoria’s brilliant mind, loyalty towards the company and clients and extremely detail-oriented work, our core values have always been represented in the best way. She’s the pillar and key figure who helps to bring clients’ ideas to life and is always there for clients with her friendly nature, and hands-on approach. Thanks to her, we can create end products and marketing services that our clients can be proud of.

Do you have an online project you’d like help with? Connect with us and lets discuss more.