Professional English-Estonian-English Translation and Localization Service

Bad translations ruin a website – your business will lose its credibility among locals, and you’ll stand a much lower chance of successfully conducting any business in Estonia. It will be nearly impossible to compete with local companies.

At Keller Media OÜ, we’ve witnessed hundreds of websites that have been translated and localized for the Estonian audience poorly. In fact, many of our previous clients have turned to us to have their website fixed after stumbling upon a bad translator and, finally, get it properly translated and localized for the Estonian market.

There is too much low-quality, rushed, poorly localized, machine-translated, word-by-word or robotic-feeling content out there, and we are here to fix that with our English-Estonian-English translation service.

Our translations are not just translations – we localize your content for the Estonian audience by conveying your content’s meaning to locals in the best possible way.

Our English-Estonian-English Translation Service Specialities:

  • Software UI, apps, translations that require working with HTML
  • Website translations (including translating straight inside the website’s HTML)
  • Online gambling / iGaming content
  • Finance content
  • Ecommerce websites and product descriptions
  • English-Estonian blog post and article translations
  • Any other general translations required

We do not translate legal, medical, cryptocurrency, CBD content or content about unethical/illegal topics.

We are familiar with translating in Crowdin, Lokalise and Smartcat platforms or via simple Word and Excel documents. However, if your project has other needs, we are well-versed with other translation platforms and will happily give you a hand.

Contact us with your Estonian translation needs, and let’s talk more about how our Estonian translators can help you.

Our English-Estonian-English translation service price starts from 0.05€/word. On larger projects, we may be able to agree on a personalized price, so please contact us with your translation needs, and we’ll give you a personalized quote.

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