Our Content Marketing Services

Keller Media OÜ online content marketing agency provides 4 main content marketing services:

Estonian Content Localization

Original, well-researched and tailored content without any fluff

English-Estonian Translations

Well-phrased translations localized for the Estonian audience

Search Engine Optimization

Ethical SEO that ensures you get exposure with the right audience

WordPress Website Creation

Witness your brand’s online presence come to life without lifting a finger yourself

All our online marketing solutions are based on ethics, strong values, high standards and considering the needs of end-users, i.e. not only the needs of our clients but also the needs of everyday consumers.

Many agencies take one approach to every market and every project. However, we understand that every market, every audience and every project is different and requires a completely different approach.

At Keller Media OÜ, we tailor our online marketing solutions based on learning to thoroughly understand our clients and their end-users.

We try to put ourselves in the end-user’s shoes and look at the project from the end user’s point of view. Our main questions on every project are: “What does the user think about this? Does this solution make sense for the user? Is the user going to find a good solution through this content or service?”

We strive to bring the best results to our clients and their users. We make sure that when our clients rank in search engines or get their online content running, the clicks they get are valuable, not just empty traffic that doesn’t serve a purpose to either the client or the end-user looking for a suitable service.

Who is Our Content Marketing Service For

Keller Media OÜ welcomes all kinds of clients and projects: our goal is to be your one-stop-shop for any Estonian content needs, starting from content creation and translations and ending with full-scale SEO. We can help out with both Estonian and English content.

You can come to us no matter how big or small your project is.

We’ve had clients who order a 100-word translation from us or have us write over 100 000 words of Estonian SEO content. We’ve had one-off clients who’ve needed our help with a specific request, while for some clients, we act like personal guides and virtual assistants who help out with any online marketing requests.

Small requests and tasks are never priced differently – you can expect the exact same quality and pricing as you would if you’d have a bigger order. We value all our clients, no matter the scope of the work.

We value long-term clients and partners and hope to establish a long-lasting relationship with all clients. You can consider us your personal go-to place whenever you need help with your Estonian website, SEO project, translations or any other online marketing requests. We never shy away from helping you out, and we hope to build a partnership that works great for both of us.

If you have any Estonian content needs, translation projects, SEO requests, or other online content marketing needs or want to take your business to a new level and don’t know where to start, contact us, and lets get your project going to the direction you desire.